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>> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." good monday morning, everybody. i'm rob nelson. >> and i'm paula faris. i hope you had a great holiday weekend. >> absolutely. now that the countdown to christmas officially begins, thanksgiving, black friday behind us, now the real season. >> and our waistlines, little reprieve until christmas? >> not much. see you in the new year. retailers look at their profit pictures. members of the senate go back to work today on capitol hill where lawmakers are in the middle of a battle over the so-called fiscal cliff. so will republicans break a pledge over raising taxes? a decade's long pledge? >> now you see a little wiggle room. everyone, came out strong. now getting done to nitty-gritty of compromise here.
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perhaps backtracking here. get something done. look for language difference between tax rates and tax revenue as the debate moves forward there. also this morning, the promises made to students by private for-profit colleges. did recruiters know and bend the truth about the job market to lure students to sign up for classes? a lot of reporting in recent years about what is going on with for-profit colleges. some of it kind of scary. we'll delve into that. >> we'll hear more in the next half hour. later, the legendary rolling stones begin their concert tour, celebrating 50-year search for rock 'n' roll satisfaction. the first of five concerts. >> i could watch mick jagger dance all day. i think that's poetry in motion when mick gets on the stage and he's prancing around there. you can't beat that. that's americana at its best. >> better moves. rob nelson? mick jagger? >> no one's in mick's league.
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but first, retailers will have an eye on computer hard drives today in addition to those cash registers. >> cyber monday has already begun with online vendors posting holiday bargains. shoppers expect to spend $1.5 billion online, which sup 20% from last year's cyber monday. analysts predict today will be the biggest online shopping day of the year for the third straight year. abc's john schifrin reports on a retail season already in hyper drive. >> reporter: from georgia to oklahoma to california. the deep discounts this holiday weekend brought out the worst in some shoppers across the country. but for retailers who jump-started the shopping season early on thanksgiving day, a huge success, raking in $59 billion, up almost $7 billion from last year. black friday, good or bad, isn't the indication of how retail will fair for the year, but it's a good sign the consumer has
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shown up. >> reporter: according to national retail federation, shoppers are more conscious of how they're spending their money. two out of three people using cash or debit cards instead of credit. did you go shopping on friday at the big retail stores? >> we did not. i did a little online shopping, and that's it. >> reporter: for the first time ever, national retail federation says more people chose to shop online than in stores, with cyber sales up 21% from last year, breaking a new record, topping $1 billion. many of those websites are offering free shipping. it may pay to keep an eye out for deliveries to your front door as more and more thieves are waiting for packages too. watch as this dallas ups driver drops off a package without ringing the bell. but minutes later that package was snatched. >> i saw a car pull up. it kind of passed the house. al lady got out, walked right to it, picked it up, and got in the car and left. >> reporter: and it's a good thing the family had a
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surveillance camera because ups says it will investigate. as far as cyber monday, half of retailers are offering free shipping with no conditions attached. experts say if you find what you think is a good deal, buy it right away because you probably won't find a better price this holiday season. john schifrin, abc news, new york. >> let the madness begin. a shopper's iphone camera caught a pretty wild brawl as tempers boiled over on black friday. it began with two women slugging it out in california's roseville galleria. but it quickly spread to three men who then started throwing haymakers. they tumbled over a barricade as you see in the video there. one man can even be seen stomping on another. varying reports say the fight either started ore a sale or over a pair of shoes. >> really? >> look at that. they're really going at it. they're my pumps. no, they're my pumps. fellows, take it easy.
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the shopping weekend took a deadly turn outside a walmart in suburban atlanta. a shoplifter died after being caught by employees and a security guard early sunday morning. detectives say the guard may have used a choke hold on the suspected thief, he is no longer working for the store. a walmart spokesperson says no amount of merchandise is worth someone's life. let's all second that motion, huh? >> that's right. well, overseas now. new details in the deadly fire inside a bangladesh garment factory that made clothes for walmart among other stores. many of the workers who died were trapped by the flame because the eight-story building lacked emergency exits. at least 112 people were killed in the blaze saturday night. that death toll is expected to go higher we are just learning overnight that a fire has broken out in another garment factory in bangladesh. so so far over 700 workers making clothes for u.s. consumers have died in factory fires in the last five years. unbelievable. and to capitol hill where top republican lawmakers are now saying they are willing to raise taxes in order to avoid going
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over the fiscal cliff. that's bag change for some politicians who promised they would never do that. abc's david kerley has the story. >> reporter: with some of his holiday shopping done, president obama may begetting a gift from some republicans, republicans who signed a pledge never to raise taxes. >> i will violate the pledge, long story short, for the good of the country, only if democrats will do entitlement reform. >> and senator chambliss says he won't necessarily abide by the pledge. support from a vocal republican house too. >> i agree with saxby chambliss. the world has changed. >> reporter: they are talking about this man's pledge, americans for tax reform president, who has gotten hundreds of republican whose sign. do you feel like you and your pledge are under assault? >> no. what the pledge does of course is allows, elected officials, to make it clear openly to the
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american voters where they stand. are tla they going to be a reforming government or raise tacks to continue more of the same? >> reporter: norquist's threat, he will help fund republican campaign challenges against any member of congress that violates the pledge. >> so what i think i hear you saying, we won't go over the cliff? >> i think we will continue the tax cuts. not raise taxes $500 billion. >> reporter: while norquist tries to keep republicans in line, major unions have already spent $300,000, targeting democrats, hoping to stop any cuts to entitlement programs. congressional staffers met over the holiday week, congressional leaders hope to meet with the president in the coming week. there are predictions this could be wrapped up by christmas. we'll see. david kerley, abc news, the white house. >> that's a big "we'll see." christmas seems optimistic as
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compared to 11:59, december 31st. >> do you think they're going to keep everybody sweating? that's my prediction. >> they have a lot of miles to cross. both side have to give something on the tax front and entitlement front. huge part of the budget. can't imagine, they have to both come up. good compromise. either side is totally happy. that's a compromise. >> there are stipulations. interesting too. there are nine senate democrats going to be up for re-election. and they more than anyone else, really need to find some sort of middle ground as well because they're up for re-election. >> all of them, democrats or republicans. they're both up. >> they ran on no tax hikes and that sort of thing. so we'll see if they can come together and compromise. >> the president ran, got re-elected, and raised taxes. who has the leverage is debatable. but pressure's on who's up in two years. >> not us. we just have to show up. a new report released this morning by the nation's top pediatricians on emergency contraception could stir controversy today. the doctors recommend making contraceptives such as the plan b pill more widely available to
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teenagers. the american academy of pediatrics' new policy statement encourages pediatricians to call for better insurance coverage and access to contraceptives to reduce the number of unwanted teenage pregnancies. anytime you mix contraceptives and teenagers, controversy always ensues. it's a dicey topic. >> plan b is the controversial morning after pill. the current data shows 57% of teen pregnancies end in live births. 27% in abortion. and 16% end in miscarriage or stillbirth. >> and it's an interesting study here, too, looking at "the new york times." there's a misconception out there that the morning after pill blocks fertilized eggs from implanting in a woman's uterus, which spurs abortion controversy. further studies have shown what it does really do is delays oven lags which is release of eggs from ovaries occur before the eggs are fertilized. so even some of the science is murky, let's say, on where it all even some of the s
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murky, let's say, on where it all falls. but let the debate begin on that one. >> anatomy 201 with rob nelson in ten minutes. >> 101. supreme court set to decide this week whether to take up the question of gay marriage. the defense of marriage act, states marriages between a man and a woman. five federal courts have ruled it unconstitutional. the justices are expected to announce on friday whether they will hear arguments in the case. well, they were bending over backward and in every other direction on the streets of buenos aries over the weekend. >> dozens of super flexible pole dancers powder into the argentina's capital city for the south american pole dancing championship, and they showed off their skills on traffic signs, light posts, and whatever else they could latch onto. >> how y'all doing? for the first time they opened a male category in fact. along with the men to perform right alongside the women. see. everybody's got a little pole
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dancer in them. look at that. it takes strength. that takes strength. that's why women do exercises. >> pole dancing classes. >> takes upper body strength. >> how would you know? >> don't worry about that. >> you have one stripper move. >> i'm in good shape. this is all i need right here, girl. that's all i need, baby. >> you got that one down too. >> i'm here all week. tip your bartenders. >> oh, lord. i've got 50 cents for you. >> i'll take it. >> i'll put it right here. sale cyber monday. colleges that may be making promises to students that are a little too good to be true. later, the rolling stones returned to the stage last night. what fans hope to see and hear in a worldwide concert tour. shake what your mama gave you! that's all coming up. ♪ >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by febreze car vent.
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with the cost of a college with the cost of a college education going way up these days and the job market increasingly competitive, more students are choosing classes at so-called for-profit colleges. >> because many prof is better chances for landing a job post graduation.
3:16 am
as abc's mark greenblat reports, graduates question those claims. >> in my opinion it is a wretched fraud. >> reporter: jason talking about one of the largest for profit college corporations, edmc, education management corporation, which runs more than 100 colleges, offering everything from a masters of design to degrees in nursing. you could make it happen with brown mackie college. >> reporter: this former admissions adviser turned whistleblower is suing, alleging this company deceives students by falsely inflating success statistics. >> they manipulated job placement rates by counting students working in a job that they did not need the degree for. >> reporter: you think this is all intentional. >> it is intentional. it's the business model. >> reporter: case in point, single mother, sarah fisher in indiana. >> i feel like i've been lied to and i am angry about it. >> reporter: fisher says she got sucked in by a recruiter for brown mackie.
3:17 am
>> they told me i would get a better job making $35,000 to $40,000 a year. >> reporter: fisher gave abc news a look at the inherent documents, which shows edmc counting fisher's $16,000 a year job as a success. >> i work at walmart in customer service. >> reporter: she got the job before graduation. the school sclamss -- claims its related to her degree. >> they're lying. i placed myself in that job. >> reporter: here's more. the company claims job success for the fashion marketing grad, accounting major and business grad. but he says edmcs own documents show this one is actually working for minimum wage, selling shoes. one works at mcdonald's, the other a janitor. edmc declined an interview but wrote to us say we believe the claims raised by jason sobek are wholly without merit, saying he was not employed in career services and the company has a high code of ethics. we asked senator dick durbin to review sobek's documents. >> it's just plain fraud, and
3:18 am
your whistleblower brought it to light. and these students sucked in by the ad sign up for courses that lead to nowhere. >> reporter: sarah fisher feels duped. >> $24,000 in the hole for a job i can't use. >> reporter: sobek's claims got a boost by a federal judge. she recommends the case move forward in federal court. mark greenblat, abc news, new york. >> a lot of questions about that situation too. when you consider that their outstanding student loan debt in this country is $1 trillion, buyer beware is what you should go into. look at all the online programs and for-profit colleges with a a real skeptical eye about what you're getting, what it's worth when you graduate. a big deal to a lot of folks. still to come, a deep, dangerous rescue. >> how some divers pulled off a tricky underwater operation 100 feet under the sea. it's all coming up on "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations. continues after this from our abc stations.
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welcome back, everyone. welcome back, everyone. it's not something we would do, swim up to a shark that's in pain. >> a group of divers off the coast of mexico plunged into a mission of mercy. here's abc's bazi kanani. >> reporter: the morning scuba dive turned into an unexpected rescues mission when divers came within 250 miles south of the island, a 30-foot whale shark in serious trouble. a thick rope wound so tightly around its body, nets cutting into the flesh, and had been there so long, barnacles were building up on it. >> just do it. i saw it. just go and do it. >> reporter: an experienced dive master sprung into action with his pocketknife as fellow divers looked on anxiously. more than 100 feet beneath the surface. >> actually it wasn't difficult.
3:21 am
i was really cutting. i went really hard. and i was able to break the rope. >> reporter: as the rope falls away, the gentle giant moves on, wounded but finally free, their mission of mercy accomplished. >> it feels so good. >> reporter: and back aboard their boat, a hero's welcome. bazi kanani, abc news, new york. >> it just warms your heart, doesn't it, rob? >> all over. >> where's that heart? somewhere back there? >> all over. they did brave work. folks would not do. willy is free. >> free willy! >> everything's all good. we'll be back with two words everybody knows. mick jagger. words everybody knows. mick jagger.
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♪ and, of course, that is the rolling stones playing their
3:25 am
first show in five years with every bit as much enthusiasm as their first show 50 years ago. >> 20,000 completely pumped fans in london sang along with "give me shelter," which mary j. blige sang, and "you can't always get what you want" they performed with a live choir for the first time ever. a 2 1/2-hour concert. giving them a treat. >> rolling stone gathers no moss. the rolling stones have no moss whatsoever. the very birth of rock 'n' roll. many fans say, have changed with the time. always staying current. always managing to stay fresh. >> as abc's nick schifrin reports, those guys are more than iconic. they are an institution. >> reporter: they sold 200 million albums. combined they are 273 years old. but 50 years later, the stones still rock. ♪
3:26 am
half a century ago the stones started as a blues cover band. they found their voice as a kind of anti-beatles. >> good guys and bad guys. the rolling stones were the bad guys. ♪ i can't get no >> reporter: the same year, the photographer, just 18 years old, flew with the band right as they got huge. >> we had hordes of screaming teenage girls outside the hotel mobbing us and climbing on the limo. i mean it was fabulous. >> reporter: he took these photos of what must have been one of the great recording sessions of all time for the album "after." >> it was an extraordinary session. out of the session came "painted black" and "under my thumb." >> reporter: as seen in the book, one on one, he snapped the stones' most iconic early covers. >> this is how the rolling stones are supposed to look, shaggy, slightly bedraggled, worn out, stoned.
3:27 am
>> reporter: and as the band turns 50rks they don't look that different. >> is everybody ready? >> is everybody ready? >> are you ready? >> reporter: it may only be rock 'n' roll, but, man, do we love it! i'm nick schifrin in london. >> amazing. >> institution. they are, man. that brings us to the facebook question of the day. >> what is your favorite rolling stones song? log on to let us know. believe it or not, mick jagger is 69 years old. you do great impression.
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a connection your whole house can count on. ♪ this morning on "world news now" -- factory inferno. an overseas plant that made clothing for walmart and other major stores went up in flames.
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>> the horrific scene. the increasing death toll and why critics have long considered this factory to be notorious. it's monday, november 26th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." good monday morning, everyone. i'm paula faris. hope you enjoyed your thanksgiving reprieve and all of that wonderful food. >> indeed. one holiday down. a few more ahead of us. everyone had a good turkey day. hopefully all of you are done digesting and all of that good stuff and shopping. i'm rob nelson. good morning again, everybody. we'll get the latest on the huge fire in bangladesh. that is our top story this monday morning. then we will turn our focus to egypt. there are fears there of a new civil war in a country considered the number one arab ally of the u.s. we'll explain why that nation is again in such turmoil. >> protests. major protests planned for tuesday. also this morning, family members call it a thanksgiving miracle. a young man who was the victim of a random act of violence, wakes up from a coma after a gunshot that could have killed him.
3:31 am
>> never lose hope, i guess, is the moral of that story. wow. and the frightening situation for superstar halle berry over the weekend that forced her to take legal action. we'll get the scoop later this half hour in "the skinny." we talked about the story at the end of last week. new developments over the weekend. it's pratt sad story, especially considering there's a little 4-year-old girl in the middle of that, but we'll get to that. first, investigators say, far fewer workers might have died in the massive garment factory fire if there had been emergency exits. this morning there's word of a fire at a second factory in bangladesh. >> abc's chief investigative correspondent brian ross has been tracking these overseas factories as well as their safety records. >> reporter: the fire broke out at night as hundreds of garment workers were on overtime shifts, producing clothes bound for some major american retailers, including walmart, according to workers' rights groups. officials in bangladesh said the flames spread rapidly on the ground floor, trapping those working on higher floors of the
3:32 am
huge garment factory building. there were no exterior fire escapes according to officials, and many died after jumping from upper floors to escape the fires. as firemen continued to remove bodies, officials said at least 112 people had died, but that the number of fatalities could go higher. it all adds to the shameful record as previously reported by abc news of more than 600 garment factory fire deaths in bangladesh over the last five years. a place of the cheapest labor in the world and some of the most deplorable conditions. >> the industry, apparel brands in the u.s. have been warned again and again about extreme dangers to apparel workers in bangladesh, yet they have not taken action. >> reporter: workers' activists went into the burned out remains to document which major retailers they say were using the factory. they say they found labels for faded glory, a walmart private label, and labels tracked to sears and a clothing company owned by sean combs.
3:33 am
>> reporter: is that really fair because they're so far away? >> they know exactly what is going on in facilities. they have staff on site in bangladesh. >> reporter: walmart warned of dangerous conditions at the factory last year. in a letter posted on the website of the factory owner, quote, the factory had violations and/or conditions which were deemed to be high risk. a spokesman for walmart told abc news the company has not been able to confirm whether its clothing was still being manufactured at that factory at the time of the fire. we haven't heard back yet from sears or from sean combs, two other companies that labor activists say were using factories that turned into a firetrap. brian ross, abc news, new york. >> so sad. you know, the reason why a lot of these companies go to bangladesh, they have some of the cheapest labor in the world and also some of the most
3:34 am
deplorable conditions. right now, 700 workers over the last five years have been killed due to situations just like this. >> i was out on black friday shopping. got sweaters, for winter. started looking at labels. none of them made in america. it's kind of -- after seeing the story having that experience over the weekend. clothes in this country, they're like sausage. you love them, but you don't want to see how they're made. you look at stores overseas. they lack labor protocols and safeguard we have here. hard to imagine. 4,000 factories in bangladesh. many lack certain safety measures too. it's difficult. it's hard to see kind of where all this stuff comes from, how it really gets made. >> it's hard to fathom if walmart was issued that warning last year and yet did nothing about it. you have to imagine there's going to be a pretty hefty lawsuit. >> yeah. you can imagine. to their credit they did break ties with 49 factories last year because of safety issues. see if they continue to phase out partnerships. switching gears now, major step forward for china's military over the weekend after it landed a fighter jet on its first aircraft carrier.
3:35 am
the ship was built in the former soviet union. and it is still years away, though, from being battleworthy. the j-15 is able to carry variety of missiles as well as bombs. pressure is now growing on egypt's new leader after he assumed sweeping new powers last week. there have been street protests and the country's financial markets have been suffering. now there are fears of a new civil war. here's abc's alex marquardt. >> reporter: the birthplace of egypt's revolution, tahrir square, filled with protesters calling for the downfall of another president. last week president mohamed morsi placed himself above any oversight, declaring that, quote, the president may take the necessary actions and measures to protect the country and the goals of the revolution. morsi's office says he is trying to blunt and punish remnants of the old regime but there is no
3:36 am
bed body to keep him in check. and egyptians are attacking his new power. >> we have a new -- a new -- >> reporter: and the united states, which once saw egypt as its closest arabally, says morsi's power grab is against the spirit of the revolution. the president's office says the moves are just temporary, but many aren't buying it. and now supporters and opponents of the president are planning large protests for tuesday, proof that almost two years later, this revolution isn't over. alex marquardt, abc news. >> so he's going to answer to no one. >> that story's amazing on two levels. one, just the short-term memory that some people have, and, two, the old saying, we all hear how power corrupts. the country got done overthrowing a guy who had ruled with an iron first for years, this guy is in power ten minutes
3:37 am
trying to consolidate power in the very same way. >> but it's temporary. >> what he says. an incredible misstep. you have to wonder. egypt plays such an important role in the truce with hamas and israel and knows his role is important in the region he is feeling the power and thought i can do this because i just came off helping broker this major bee cal have to wonder if he's feeling the power a little bit now. very interesting dynamic in that country. >> power certainly corrupts. a new study. important headline for parents. a new study out this morning letting the air out of inflatable bounce houses. i should have read this before i let my kids bounce on one of these over the weekend. researchers say bouncy houses are a sure-fire way for kids to land in the emergency room with broken bones, sprains, cuts, and concussions. the study finds 30 children a day are treated for injuries from bounce house accidents. the study in the journal of pediatrics. just give them a helmet. >> 30 kids a day. wow. man, all right. if retail sales for the holiday season off the charts this year. online sales are expected to hit record today. online cyber monday, bargains are already posted on retail web sites. shoppers are expected to spend $1.5 billion online just today. that is up 20% from last year's
3:38 am
cyber monday. analysts predict today will be the biggest online shopping day of the year for yet the third year in a row. >> for the first time i went shopping on thanksgiving night, and i thought of you. i went to target. filled up my cart. >> chaos. >> the lines were huge. >> chaos. >> i put everything back and walked out. >> why would you deal with -- why would you deal with that. when you could do this. i will never get it. hope you guys had a great time out there. well, the patriots was a blowout game. there was nothing else do but shop. well, here's your monday forecast. gusty winds from houston to jackson, mississippi. showers and thunderstorms around new orleans, little rock. memphis and louisville. chilly in northern florida. lake-effect snow from michigan and upstate new york. >> 40s in the northwest. mostly 30s in the midwest. just 17 in fargo. not much better in minneapolis. they'll be about 20 degrees today. >> brrr. >> bundle up, folks. all right. well, speaking of cold, this is
3:39 am
a heart-warming show of support from two nip colts cheerleaders who shaved their heads during sunday's game against the bills. >> the women agreed to go bald to support the head coach chuck pagano battling lieu keemt ya and raised $22,000 for cancer research. the idea came from colts' mascot blue right there helped with the buzz cuts. immediately after the women went back to work, cheering on the sideline. they still look beautiful. >> coach was there at the game in the owner's box. very cool. and in a profession, aesthetically driven. not an easy move. they did the charitable sensitive thing. really cool to see. >> i wonder if they'll wear a wig next. nah, it wouldn't stay on. >> they look beautiful. >> they look beautiful no matter what. coming up next, lindsay lohan is getting a lot of financial help. you won't guess from whom. >> yeah, birds of a feather. and millionaire dreams, courtesy of a jumping powerball jackpot. a lottery frenzy just in time for the holidays.
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welcome back, everyone. a california family is celebrating what they say is a true holiday miracle. >> for sure. welcome back, everyone. a california family is celebrating what they say is a true holiday miracle. >> for sure. their son was shot in the head back on halloween. he then fell into a coma and was given just a very slim chance of making it. but now he is defying the odds. abc's bazi kanani reports. >> reporter: what they would have missed most was his smile.
3:44 am
the one benjamin wore while celebrating halloween with friends in san francisco before his parents got a startling phone call from police. >> your son benjamin got shot and he's in the hospital. >> reporter: as the 21-year-old was walking home from a party with his girlfriend and two others, a gunman confronted them for no apparent reason. when benjamin stepped forward to protect his girlfriend, the man started shooting. the last bullet fired hit benjamin's head. doctors gave him only a 25% chance of surviving, and even then made no promises about the condition he would have to live in. benjamin spent one month in a medically induced coma until last sunday when doctors decided it was time to revive him to see how he would do. >> i went in there and told him, could you say, "hi, mom?" and he said, "hi, mom." than and that was it. it brought me to tears. >> reporter: benjamin was talking and signing while other
3:45 am
families were sitting down to thanksgiving dinner. he was standing. taking his first steps. >> stronger. >> reporter: taking his first steps. >> he made it. he is strong. >> he is a miracle. >> it is pretty rare. he is a pretty good fighter, i think. >> reporter: the family never expected to be spending this holiday weekend at the hospital, but they are grateful to be here talking even joking. with the son they almost lost. >> but we sold your truck. >> no. >> benjamin's smile is back. >> are you ready to come home soon, ben? >> that gives them hope. >> he's doing so good. >> reporter: for many more joyful holidays together. bazi kanani, abc news, new york. >> and amazing. benjamin has no recollection whatsoever of the shooting but he does remember things like his computer password and address.
3:46 am
>> wow. it's fascinating the way the memory works, what survives and doesn't in an injury like that. always a reason to hold out hope. the family is living proof. not to mention benjamin himself. that's an amazing story. talking about being thankful, that puts other things in perspective. that's for sure. >> it certainly does. coming up, halle berry's frightening ordeal over the weekend and the legal step she has to take. >> and why we're about to see more of chris brown's skin. that's next in "the skinny." >> do we have to? >> announcer: "world news now"
3:47 am
3:48 am
♪ skinny so skinny >> welcome to "the skinny." so halle berry is now seeking a restraining order from her ex gabriel aubrey because of an altercation that took place on thanksgiving day. what happened was gabriel aubrey was dropping off their daughter that morning, around he was confronted by olivier martinez, who's obviously bigger than gabriel. equally as beautiful, i would say. not quite after the fight. what happened was gabriel took a swing at olivier. he missed, struck him in the shoulder. then he wound up in the hospital with a broken rib and massive face contusion. now halle has to appear in court. this week to argue for an extension of an emergency protection order that a judge placed on aubry over the weekend. if granted, he would not have right to see his little daughter
3:49 am
for an indefinite amount of time. >> came off this nasty custody battle where halle tried to take her daughter to france. the judge said you can't do that. gabriel did not help his case, getting into a brawl. from all accounts, he was on the losing end of this thing. he is a model. maybe you should model and not try and box. stay pretty. don't, don't, go fisticuffs. >> the whole altercation took place in front of the little 4-year-old. >> sad. what else is sad. apparently, lindsay lohan back in the headlines because from '09 and '10, she owes the irs about $230,000 in back taxes. why? millionaires and hollywood folks get back taxes. i will never understand for the life of me why. apparently lindsay is on a long list of folks who owe taxes.
3:50 am
guess who came to her aid with a $100,000 check? charlie sheen. wrote a big check. apparently the two got close. birds of a feather, like you said, and "scary movie 5," she shared her tax woes with him. she denied help at first. but then charlie sent the check for 100 grand to her manager to help her pay off her taxes. so lovely for charlie. a little redemption there. what a power couple they are. keeping us guessing, rihanna and chris brown. it appears they have rekindled their romance. she went to his concert in berlin. she sent a tweet, see you soon, lover. they were spotted leaving together after the club in berlin on thanksgiving. and then, this tweet. she tweeted to her many, many fans. i'm not going to read the caption, but it appears to be him face down on a bed with bart simpson. >> in her bed. >> in her bed. with bart simpson. can't see his face. we don't know it is chris brown. appears to be. he has the same tattoos. and bart simpson tattoos. >> the rumors those two are
3:51 am
back as an item again. so good luck with that, rihanna. also beyonce and jay-z set pictures out over the holiday of their girl, blue ivy. almost a year old by this point, believe it or not. very cute picture. mommy and, blue ivy, same similar little outfit there. pretty. beyonce and her daughter. plus you see another picture of jay-z and their daughter as well. >> that's not jay-z. it's jessica simpson's fiancee a and their little girl. >> celebrities having quiet family time like the rest of us. good to see that. >> stars. they're just like us. they owe a lot of money in back taxes too. >> we'll be back with more. don't go far.
3:52 am
3:53 am
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♪ ♪ all right. well, this week someone may get one of the biggest holiday gifts in history. that is because the powerball jackpot is up to at least $425 millio phew. >> that's a lot of dollars. no one won this weekend's drawing. the chances are good. this jackpot will land in the hands of someone very lucky -- maybe these hands -- as abc's clayton sandell reports. >> it's america's favorite jackpot game -- >> reporter: with no winner. fever is rising. people lining up in 40 states to spend a few bucks on wednesday's record powerball drawing that just might make them $425 million richer. with a winning ticket you would
3:56 am
have enough to make the movie "titanic" twice. >> i'm the king of the world! >> reporter: or even build your own ship with $25 million to spare. beyonce's going rate, no problem. you would have enough to have her sing at your next 212 parties. or field baseball's two most expensive teams for a season. at the rocky mountain auto show in denver, every car here could be yours for about a million. >> i think you would have fun. buy them all. give them away. >> reporter: of course, the odds are against us. the chances of winning, one in 175 million. but, if i did win, i could buy one of these lamborghinis for 1,700 of my closest friends. with $425 million, the possibilities are endless. but first you have to be in the game to win. clayton sandel, abc news, denver. >> you're not going to win, but it's just so much fun to think about. it's the greatest conversation. >> there's a chance. one in 175 million. >> right. exactly.
3:57 am
>> there we go. see. >> can i please buy my winning ticket? rob, if i do win, i will buy you the car of your choice. put it on record. >> excellent. >> then i'm going to write it off. >> i want a souped up ford focus. and i'll drive off into the -- >> leather? >> yes. >> reclining seats? >> indeed. >> gas card too. >> very nice. >> though you got plenty. >> good luck. fingers crossed for everybody who plays. more from abc next. >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now." informing insomniacs for two decades. ber monday.
3:58 am
3:59 am
america." happy shopping. it is the cyber monday. this morning, the spending spree is in high gear. >> savvy cyber monday shoppers are already clicking on the bargains after last friday that saw the most online

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